Registration Information



Please read the registration terms and conditions carefully before beginning online registration.

Should there be no payment received within the give grace period of 3 hours, the system will be cancel your registration automatically. To re-do the registration, you will need to wait for 24 hours after cancellation.


  1. Access the online registration page on
  2. Click Registration menu

  1. Select Registration Type accordingly
    1. For IOA ( PERDAMI )member: input your IOA Member Registered Number (NRA), and be sure your membership status is currently active by paying the 2021 membership fee.
      1. If the membership fee has been paid, your data will be filled automatically once the NRA is typed in. Please ensure the data is accurate and updated
      2. If membership fee has not been paid, payment could be done through
      3. In case you forgot your NRA , contact your IOA District Office. If you forgot your password, access
      4. After successful login, complete and update your personal data and complete payment for membership fee.
      5. Open for payment procedure
    2. For Residents: prepare a Statement Letter (stating you are a resident) from your institution, and upload the document in JPEG form.
    3. Other Registration Type does not require any special regulation.
    4. If you make registration for other people, ensure the data being input is accurate and valid.
  2. Please choose Didactic Course as preferred.
    1. Each didactic course has limited quota.
    2. First pay-first serve is applied.
    3. Selecting/adding Didactic Courses is possible as long as the quota is still available
    4. Every participant is limited to join 5 DCs.
    5. Each participant could not select 2 parallel DCs with the same date and time. (Please refer to DC schedule).

  1. After all data has been filled, click Finish Registration.
  2. Summary of Event registration will pop up as shown below.


  1. Select Payment from the Payment Gateway. Before selecting Payment Method, make sure you have read and understood the payment steps and procedures. Open to read the complete steps and procedures.
  2. Online payment gateway by Espay include :
    1. Mandiri Virtual Account
    2. Credit Card
    3. Others :
      1. VA BNI
      2. VA BRI
      3. Modern Channel (Indomaret, Alfamaret)
      4. OVO

  1. Click Submit. The Virtual Account number will be generated or other payment instructions will be available on your screen according to the selected payment method.
  2. Please notice, the time limit for payment is 3 hours after clicking Submit button and Virtual Account number generated.
  3. If payment is not fulfilled within 3 hours, your registration will be cancelled automatically. To re-do the registration, you will need to wait for 24 hours after cancellation.

  1. Payment Instruction is also available at the lower part of the Espay page.

  1. By filling your email address, the payment instruction will be sent to you.
  2. Once registration and payment is successful, an email containing a username (email form) and password that will be required later for logging into the event will be sent, along with payment invoice.
  3. To reset forgotten password, open
  4. To add Didactic Course, you can login to
  5. Click on Course Registration, and choose the preferred DC
  6. Click Finish Registration and make payment
  7. Finish


To register for other person by group / vendor / sponsor, you can follow the steps as explained above, or by group login.

  1. Vendor should contact PVSM Committee for group login access.
  2. The PVSM Committee will produce a voucher code along with a guarantee letter of payment. It is also possible to carry out a direct payment as explained in the Payment section of Personal Registration.
  3. Please login to

  1. After successful login, the Group Dashboard will appear.

  1. Click on Event Registration to start registering participant.

  1. If the participant is an IOA member, click Register PERDAMI member.
  2. Type in the doctor’s name to search for their data.

  1. Data on current registration status and IOA membership activity status will be shown accordingly.

  1. Choose the correct name, and the data will be filled automatically (as the data updated by the participant in PERDAMI page).
  2. Please ensure the data is accurate, updated and valid.
  3. Fill in blank data with correct information.
  4. If the participant you are registering is a non-IOA Member, fill in the form completely and accurately.
  5. Click Finish Registration.
  6. Complete payment as for Personal Registration payment procedure.
  7. Finish


There would be no cancellation and refund policy for any circumstances.


You will receive the login details to the virtual platform after completing registration process and the link (website address) for virtual meeting will be received before 17th September 2021.


All timings indicated in the meeting program are in Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7).


Certificate of attendance will be sent to your email at least 1 week after event has finished.