Welcome Message

Dear Participants,

The past year of 2020 has been an everchanging moment for us when the world had to stand still due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For ophthalmology around the world and Indonesia, practices changed and medical caregivers thrived day by day to still serve and deliver their best services as much and as safe as possible. Many were lost, yet so much is to gain as well.

However, as we might all agree upon, the world is actually not stopping, but asking us to survive and to answer the challenge through adaptive innovations and solutions. In every aspect of life particularly health service and education, better safe practice and technology usage has been forced to increase more than ever, and is gradually becoming our new normal. Adaptability maybe the most essential skill needed, pandemic or not, for a better beyond 2020.

PERDAMI, the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association, is very much committed to continue from where we left, and move on in delivering knowledge. After our first successful virtual scientific event during the pandemic, we have aimed for a better experience, and this year we are very proud to announce our second fully virtual event, the 2nd PERDAMI Virtual Scientific Meeting, that will be held from September 17th – 25th, 2021.

All under the spirit  of advancing and adapting for a better future in eyecare beyond 2020, we will have distinguished speakers and topics in the form of symposia and didactic courses, free paper presentations, poster exhibitions, continuing medical educations, and not to forget our fun medical exhibitions with exciting games and prizes.

We need to work together in related fields of ophthalmology to move forward after these difficult times. And to achieve that. this year we include a session for our partners in ophthalmology, namely IKPAMI and IROPIN. And any kind of health problem will not be addressed properly without the understanding of the condition by the person itself. Therefore we are organizing a separate session for public in the hope to rise awareness about the importance of eye care as well as some most prevalent eye problems.

PERDAMI is cordially inviting you to delve in a fruitful scientific experience, where distance and time constraint are relatively eliminated. We are assured that this virtual media of deliverance will not lessen the essence of learning, and still keep you safe and healthy. This could be our new normal.